rotaryana: kitchen & laundry
Event Food Hotel Asia Event Hotelex Indonesia Event Food Ingredients Event Cafe Brasserie Event Hospital Expo Spaceman Electrolux Professional electrolux-air-steam electrolux-elco-700hp electrolux-dishwasher eurocave manitowoc manitowoc Neo dean frymaster vitamix isi electrolux indigo-series Josper hobart ADC milnor milnor-cbw LG
Event Food Hotel Asia "/>1 Event Hotelex Indonesia3 Event Food Ingredients4 Event Cafe Brasserie5 Event Hotel Expo26 spaceman6 Electrolux Professional7 electrolux-air-steam8 electrolux-elco-700hp9 electrolux-dishwasher10 eurocave11 manitowoc12 manitowoc-213 dean14 frymaster15 vitamix16 isi17 electrolux18 Josper19 indigo-series20 hobart21 ADC22 milnor23 milnor-cbw24 LG25
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Cooking Class Training at Kitchen ISI GMBH

Pt. Rotaryana Prima bekerjasama dengan ISI Gmbh Austria memberi .. more

Electrolux air-o-steam Touch. It’s easy.

Automatic mode Programs mode Manual mode air-o-steam Touchline inaugurates a new era in.. more

Ventilated Refrigerated Upright & Gn Counter

GN 1200 TN M V & GN 2100 TN-BT CFC free refrigerant and foam Complete structure.. more

Vitamix Blending Station Advance n-Counter

The Right Blend of Timing and Speed The Blending Station Advance has been.. more

Electrolux 900XP & 8700XP Quick Service Restaurant?

Extremely versatile, not only pasta, boil meat, vegetables, potatoes, rice, cereals.. more

Electrolux 900XP & 8700XP Full Service Restaurant?

Power and efficiency all in one! Boil, braise, grill and fry with the most efficient burners.. more

Electrolux 900XP & 8700XP High Productivity Kitchen?

Extra large cooking surface to prepare your favourite foods in unlimited quantities. more
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